Your business is important for us. This is why we aim to reinforce it with our skills. From technology advice, digitalization process and transformation; up to governance management and new process adaptation, we know that the intensity of your daily activities are not allowing you to stop for a while and analyse with detail the improvements that you have by hand. Let us help you with this project.

We follow our own methodology

At MySolutions, we follow our own methodology to keep tight control of your business: from identifying opportunities to pre-sales and post-sales support. We will keep you regularly informed during the different stages of the process.

    You are going to define the service you need

      We will adapt our capabilities to your needs

        We adapt to the needs of our clients based on a series of factors:

        • Product knowledge: ICT solutions, both HW and SW; Telecommunications infrastructure, IoT, M2M, etc.
        • Contact with the vertical sector: Mobile operators, fixed operators, OEM, NEM, government, financial institutions, etc.

        • Geographic knowledge: Established in Spain, Portugal, Germany … Europe and Latin America.

        • Channel management: VAR, distributors, etc.

        Our portfolio of “off-the-shelf” services is designed to cover your immediate needs:


        When you use our Business Development service we become an extension of your sales team. Our knowledge of the market and customers allows you, manufacturer of solutions (hardware / software) to improve the time to adapt to the new market drastically, reducing the cost of failures due to ignorance and accelerating the business process of transforming potential opportunities to real opportunities and, finally, to orders. Our mission is to make our customers’ transition to a new market as smooth and successful as possible.

        Taking advantage of our knowledge and experience within the Telco, M2M / IoT sector with specific resources for sale and pre-sale and post-sale technicians, we offer a unique solution for its expansion throughout Europe and Latin America.



        After evaluating your value proposition, we will help you create your necessary infrastructure (office, finding qualified employees, etc.) with which to establish a solid business development foundation. We can offer a complete solution on which we can actively boost your sales as a value-added reseller; or to find you the right strategic partners to maximize the coverage and income of your channel.

        Our goal is for you to focus only on your business and delegate its management and development abroad to us.


        We can organize your participation in any commercial event in Europe and Latin America; either as an exhibitor or a simple visitor. We will plan with you the mission objectives, expected results; and we will help you in the execution and subsequent taking of results and conclusions.


        We can provide you with the project support you may need. From building an initial relationship to final project execution and maintenance, let us review the requirements with you and find the right solution with optimized local resources.



        Comparte tus dudas y/o sugerencias, estaremos encantados de atenderte.

        We guarantee response in less than 24 hours.